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Delivering Transparency, Accountability, and Results

Our singular focus is to connect your investment to its highest possible potential.

Compas offers a suite of buying execution services across consumer and healthcare media to deliver a higher level of client success. In addition to peace of mind from reduced purchasing risk, our clients gain access to the broadest base of industry suppliers and premium inventory cultivated by our dedicated Supplier Partner Team. Our services include:

  1. Media Contracting & Activation
  2. Ad Serving and Trafficking
  3. Programmatic Media Buying
  4. Media Auditing & Verification
  5. Campaign Performance Measurement Reporting
  6. Global Medical Reprint Purchasing
  7. Email Execution and Deployment (iNBOXTM)
  8. Supplier Vetting
  9. Investment Management
  10. Proprietary Planning, Activation Tools & Technology for Media (EmpowerTM)
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Compas is comprised of buying execution and analytics specialists that manage and verify media buys from start to finish. With a highly tenured staff of professionals, Compas earns the trust of leading companies and provides transparency, accountability and excellence in execution of clients’ media purchases. Compas is the only agency that has built a dedicated Supplier Partner Team focusing on identifying, vetting and working closely with top tier media suppliers to provide highly effective, innovative, brand safe media opportunities for our clients.