Compas provides comprehensive media buying services for healthcare industry game-changers, leveraging our network to create unmatched value for our clients. How we do it? By creating a complete, consolidated view of all media spend through our Agency of Record service. Not to mention our expert contract negotiation, designed to mitigate risk and avoid costly cancellation fees. Looking for Tier 1 Diverse Spend? We’re certified as a minority owned-and-operated business by the National Minority Diversity Council and a member of the DA4S (Diversity Alliance for Science).

Media Spend Management

As your media purchasing Agency of Record, we identify, consolidate, and capture missed savings to leverage your total spend with a particular supplier. Compas also leverages the collective spend of its clients to generate incremental savings. Our proprietary tools enable transparent purchase administration across all media channels.

Media Purchasing & Activation

Our comprehensive services encompass all media buying functions, from negotiating and executing plans, to campaign audits that verify ad placement. We monitor your campaign carefully and continually recommend optimizations to your media schedule. Our services include financial administration and reconciliation, making it easy to track media expenditures.

Media Auditing & Verification

Our media auditing and verification services ensure your media is running accurately without fraud and free from deviation. Our Outcomes Analytics team audits every ad placed and reports any deviations and negotiates appropriate make-goods. We track supplier deviations and hold them financially accountable to correct their mistakes.

Ad Serving & Trafficking

Our highly skilled Ad Ops Team ensures ads are properly tagged, trafficked, served and QC’ed to make sure the correct creative runs on the correct sites for the duration of the campaign.

Programmatic Media Buying

Powered by our proprietary platform, AdMissionTM, Compas reaches consumer and HCP audiences with scale and efficiency, activating media buys at the individual level. AdMissionTM solves the current challenges of targeting health audiences online and increases the efficiency and accountability of your campaign by eliminating wasted spend, providing full transparency, and enhancing ad verification by verifying every ad has reached its intended target.

Email Execution & Deployment – iNBOX™

iNBOXTM is our end-to-end custom email marketing service that delivers key messages through unmatched reach using the industry’s broadest ecosystem of validated email partners, effortless implementation and the highest open rates.

Global Medical Reprint Purchasing

Compas’ service and technology enables clients to consolidate purchases globally, to save millions on medical reprint purchases through our web-based platform.

Leveraging our proprietary offering ContentShare™, we create strategic plans to repurpose and deliver clinical content to target HCPs via all channels and in compliance with Sunshine Act guidelines.

Supplier Vetting

Our dedicated Supplier Partner Team thoroughly vets all suppliers against a rigorous criteria matrix to ensure they are financially strong, credible, transparent, and can meet the client’s needs, expectations, and guidelines.

Partnerships & Innovation

Working with Compas offers clients an exclusive first look at our media partners’ innovations, designed to deliver your message with more impact. Compas is the only media agency with a team dedicated to developing productive relationships with the supplier community. Contact us to learn more about our Supplier Partner Team.

Media Activation Tools & Technology

Compas’ longstanding partnership with the industry’s top suppliers provides clients with access to proprietary tools, data, and technology to aid their agencies in the strategic media planning and investment allocation process. Our proprietary tool Empower™ is the health industry’s first and only closed-loop planning platform that enables continuous and personalized insights to action at scale.