Amplifying Content Investments in the Wake of the Pandemic and Current Industry Challenges

The commercial landscape of our industry has changed significantly. While we are still trying to navigate this “new normal,” our research shows that content continues to play a critical role in awareness and education across all healthcare professionals and patients. Marketers are struggling now more than ever to get pivotal content in front of HCPs. The days when physicians were willing and able to meet with reps are becoming a distant memory. Now is the time for change. More brands are adopting a digital approach for content distribution and more importantly optimizing their digital capabilities to further drive brand awareness and HCP engagement. Studies confirm that—as with most people—HCPs want to receive information on their terms, based on their preferences, through their preferred channels. Brands should continue to analyze and develop their digital capabilities so that content can be delivered to HCPs when they need, at a place where it is needed, whether at the office or at home.

Marketers will need to continue to embrace this new way of interacting with HCPs. Our industry has shifted from the way Pharma delivered their brand messages and customer journeys to now creating meaningful interactions and connection through virtual platforms. The industry is finding themselves rethinking previous strategic plans; they are operating smarter, and innovatively working to reach target HCPs with a high focus on keeping them abreast of newly published content and clinical data. Strategic communication that does not get lost in the shuffle is key for marketers. Many brands are delivering their messages by way of online meeting platforms, electronic distribution, e-detail, triggered messaging, and custom direct mail campaigns, to name a few.

As physicians continue to face challenges with rep interaction, they are still looking for information, turning to non-personal information sources is quickly becoming the “go-to” for many physicians. In fact, the recent CMI Media Group Media Vitals study reports that over 80% of HCPs are looking to pharma to provide this critical information.

Clinical trial data continues to be among the top valued resources for HCPs. However, the pandemic has shifted the accessibility of clinical reprints to digital access. We are seeing more HCPs adopting this approach as well. Digital engagement across clinical studies is currently on the rise. HCPs are using their computers to access information now more than ever. Clinical data, disease or product information, medical journals, and telehealth data are all things that HCPs prefer accessing via their computers.

2020/21 CMI Media Group Media Vitals research reported 61% of HCPs preferred platform to access clinical data is their computer and 66% of HCPs are using computers to access medical journals.

Clinical Studies (Medical Reprints) are a valuable resource, and cost-effective way to engage and educate physicians. Content consumption overall is on the increase throughout the industry. Physicians are proactively following medical developments and treatment options; clinical reprints have become a trusted resource HCPs can rely on in keeping abreast of this information.

87% of Physicians find medical reprints a valuable resource for staying up to date on medical developments and treatments. Over 90% find medical reprints useful in providing better care to their patients.

–Source: Media Vitals 2020/21


Delivering brand messaging via digital channels can be done by enhancing already approved tactics and embracing new digital strategies to continue connecting HCPs with content.

Developing an integrated content plan, using non-personal promotional tactics, has proven to be successful. And can be used as another push to furthering reach of brand clinical data and utilizing medical reprints to increase brand presence.

Some examples of successful tactics Compas has helped marketers develop:

The pandemic has left many businesses and manufacturers scrambling over the last 17 months. While many businesses have been significantly impacted, HCPs are facing unprecedented times and challenges. Treatment of patients has fundamentally changed, as a result the support HCPs need from Pharma has also changed.

Marketers can bring value to HCPs, whether it be for their personal or professional lives, through content. In today’s industry, in order for marketers to stay connected with physicians, brands need to find better solutions that encompass the most impactful channel mix-ensuring their content is not only reaching audiences but is also engaging audiences.