All for Good.

Compas was built on inclusion and diversity. It’s in our DNA and Core Values. Challenging the norm is where we started and it’s what drives us as a health leader, indispensable partner, and home for our employees. We are a group of hearts and minds who want to make a difference and celebrate being different, to give voice to and truly hear our people and our partners. We believe in more than “all.” We believe in “all for good.”

Outcomes and Goals

Compas takes all for good to heart. We hold ourselves accountable by auditing our performance and providing transparent reporting back to our people. We invite them to have a seat at the table by collecting their sentiments and tracking progress on employee education and behaviors that demonstrate their empathy and understanding. We provide programming on Belonging, Inclusion, and Valuing Diverse Perspectives. We are continuing to seek progress by increasing our offerings to employees that focus on a framework that includes service, education, advocacy and allyship. We promise to continue to measure our progress, reflect on what we’ve learned, and push forward together.


Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are employee-led groups that advance inclusion, equity, belonging, and diversity outcomes, while aligning with our company’s purpose and values. Employee Resource Groups are incredibly important to how we operate because they give voice to our employees, impact our business, and demonstrate how we serve our communities.

The Compas Employee Resource Groups exist to educate, support, and celebrate our employees and what makes them unique. While each of our ERGs works to achieve a different goal, our common thread is to impact positive change for our Compas family and the greater community.

Get to know the Compas ERGs:

PLUS+ exists to increase education about and raise awareness for the LGBTQ+ community. It is a safe space for dialogue that builds on respect, empathy, and inclusion for our organization, as well as forming and expanding partnerships and giving back through community outreach. PLUS+ stands for Promoting LGBTQ+ Understanding and Solidarity.

Thrive was created to encourage acceptance of our physical, mental, and emotional differences by reframing perceptions, celebrating diversity, and ultimately lifting up our employees to their greatest potential. We believe there are no weaknesses, only differences, and each makes us stronger as a whole.

BRAAVE brings awareness to the African American community by giving individuals a voice, inspiring positive action, and creating allyship across our employees, clients, and the larger community. This group strives to break-down barriers of racism and stereotype with a spirit of humanity and hope. BRAAVE stands for Bringing Relevance to the African American Vision & Experience.

Mi Gente Unidos celebrates the Hispanic/Latinx culture and its wonderful impact on the US culture. This group amplifies the richness of the Hispanic/Latinx culture and community through activities, education, and camaraderie at Compas. Mi Gente Unidos translates to My People United.

The (HER)story ERG creates a forum for bringing awareness to societal and workplace inequities uniquely affecting women, while also celebrating progress made by the trailblazers before us. We work to empower ALL to be change agents and allies for the betterment of women. Here, Everyone’s Responsible.