Internal Auditor Assistant

Compas is looking for an Internal Auditor Assistant! In this role, you will audit and verify transactions, reconcile accounts, and verify compliance with policies and procedures. You will also work with our Internal Auditor on special projects such as running comparisons, verifying data, and reconciling accounts.  

Primary Responsibilities

  • Send Weekly Check Reports per agreement between Finance and supplier to keep current on payments.
  • Work on various auditing reports by running specific reports such as verifying postage was entered as a line item on each contract and all contracts have been uploaded.
  • Maintain spreadsheets for specific suppliers to ensure payment is timely.
  • Work with Supplier’s AP department when requesting information as needed.
  • Maintain New Supplier Files and Spreadsheet and update as necessary
  • Backup/Manage Supplier Information Package Process and spreadsheet
  • Verify all Supplier Monthly Aged Statements.
  • Manage Monthly/Quarterly reconciliation process with selected suppliers.
  • Run, Review, Analyze and Resolve monthly audit reports.
  • Audit for compliance with Company Policies and Procedures.
  • Work with Director on special projects or assigned monthly projects.
  • Maintain W-9 Forms and Supplier Classification Forms
  • Run report and put all suppliers who are not active for two years on hold.
  • Work on various data entry projects and research projects on a monthly basis.
  • Audit Optima to make sure all contracts and supplier invoices have been uploaded.
  • Review all changes to contracts that result in overbilling to the client or overpaying a supplier.
  • Deactivate all supplier with no activity in two years.


  • College degree preferred with a focus on accounting
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office programs with heavy experience in Excel Formatting, formulas and VLook Ups.             
  • Exceptional attention to detail and good organizational skills
  • Ability to prioritize multiple projects and meet deadlines                                                                 
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Keenly aware of the time frame in which tasks or projects need to be done. 
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • High Quality of Work
  • Passionate about Customer Focus
  • Dependable
  • Strong Problem Solving Ability
  • Highly Productive